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Zoo Animal Quilt Embroidery Design

Here are some simple directions to create a sampler baby quilt that showcase some embroidery designs.  It is the first quilt that I've actually started and finished in a reasonable amount of time...I've never finished any of the others I've started :-)

The quilt that is pictured here used some of the large animal designs from the new Singer XL-1000 card.  I originally started out just embroidering the designs to see what they would look like.   They were coming out so nice that I thought it was a shame to not use them in a project.  The following measurements are the ones that I used, but you can adapt them for whatever size you wanted.  If you are a real quilter, I must apologize now for my 'creative measurements'. 

Materials needed:

9 fabric squares to embroider - since I was using the large hoop for the XL-1000, my squares were 9" by 15".

approx 3/4 yd of coordinating fabric to make the embroidered blocks square and for the binding.

approx 1 1/4 yards for the back side of the baby quilt.

approx 1 1/4 yards batting


1.  I first embroidered 9 different animals - one on each block making sure I centered and stabilized well.  Because the XL-1000 designs were so large, I was afraid of puckering and missed outlines.  I used a medium tear away stabilizer and changed the needle twice.

2. I then removed the excess stabilizer and trimmed the rectangles to 8 1/2" by 14".  I trimmed them to the correct size after embroidery to compensate for any shrinkage that might have occurred.

3. I then cut Nine 3 1/4" strips from the coordinating fabric.   From 6 of them I cut eighteen 14" lengths that I would then sew to the long sides of the embroidered squares.  Since some of my designs were tall and some were wide, these strips were added to either the top & bottom or to the sides.  I stitched them together using 1/4" seam allowance to create the 14" squares.

4. After pressing the seam allowances toward the darker material, I stitched the blocks together, alternating the tall designs and the wide designs.   Again I used a 1/4" seam.  The end result was a tic tac toe design.

5. I then put the backing material face down on the floor, layered the batting on top and finally centered the piece top face up on the pile, smoothing everything into place.

6. I then pinned all the layers together (without attaching the carpeting <VBG>) and trimmed the excess to form a neat square.

7. Using the WONDERFUL built in quilting stitch on the XL-1000, I quilted the blanket in a very simple tic tac toe pattern, stitching in the ditch along all the seam lines.

8.  Using the left over 3 1/4" strips, I sewed them together to form one long strip.  I then folded it in half (right side out) and pressed it to form a long double sided strip.  I pinned this along the right side outside edge, open edges together, easing in the corners to kind of round them a bit, and over lapped the ends at the bottom.  I then stitched this binding to the quilt, removed the pins, pulled the folded binding to the wrong side and slip stitched it in place.

  Please email me if you have any questions.   Thank you and Enjoy!



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